• C Software for dsPIC33 CAN analyser with direct output to SPI Display (2015)
  • Layout and C software for MOC sensor for caravan system (2015)
  • C Software for capacitive touch pen including an SPI accelerometer (2015)
  • Layout and C software for capacitive proximity sensors for sanitaire locations (2014)
  • Layout and C software for capacitive touch sensors for automotive (2014)
  • mTouch CVD by Microchip (Microchip Masters in Phoenix AZ 2012)
  • Capacitive touch systems, layout and design rules for capacitive PCB Sensors
  • Developed custom GUI for analyzing and parameterizing capacitive Touch systems in Profilab
  • Custom PIC Bootloader for USART and I2C for PIC16F1828
  • MPLABX, XC8, XC16, XC32, PICKIT3, PICKIT Serial, ICD3


  • FreeRTOS and Low level driver development for all peripheral on UC3A and UC3C (2012)
  • DFU and MMC Bootloader (2012)
  • Drivers for Bluetooth, WLAN, Zigbee, RFID on UC3A (2012)
  • Atmel Studio, GCC, ICC, IAR, JTAG ICE mk2, JTAG ICE3


  • Low level driver for all Peripherals and CAN Interface
  • Keil, uLink me



  • Development of 8/16/32 bit software in C and ASM
  • FreeRTOS
  • Low level driver
  • Interfaces (I2C/TWI, SPI, CAN, USART, RS232/485, USB)
  • Profilab, Tag Connect
  • Basic knowledge in Win CE 6.0 IMX28 boards, developed drivers for I2C and I2C Bootloader to PIC.
  • Project management and customer support
  • Application
  • Testsoftware and documentation for all listed projects

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