Key skills


More than 10 years of programming and debugging embedded systems.


  • mTouch by Microchip
  • Specialized experience with capacitive touch systems
  • CVD software
  • Metal Over Cap
  • Physical background
  • Layout design rules
  • Customer support for mTouch development


  • Embedded C and ASM
  • Interfacing directly with HW via memory mapped registers
  • Low level drivers
  • Interfaces (I2C/TWI, SPI, CAN, USART, RS232/485)
  • FreeRTOS


  • Microcontroller experience
  • Microchip (PIC12/16/18/24/32, dsPIC33)
  • Atmel (ARM/AVR/ATmega/Xmega/Tiny)
  • ST (STM32 cortex M3)


  • Python certificate


  • Exor / Jmobile
  • integration of HMI design and development
  • projecting and engineering
  • java script
  • JSmart / eSMART / eTOP / ex7xx / H3 / H4


More than 30 years of experience in PCB-routing.


  • Circuit diagrams and PCB-layouts on PADS VX.0 LOGIC und LAYOUT (by Mentor© A Siemens Business) according to customer’s specification.
  • Component library and generation with schematic symbols and footprints for PADS.
  • Generation of the complete PCB- manufacturing- data using Gerber- and DXF-Output.
  • Generation of the Bill of Materials.
  • Manufacturing, assembly and inspection of prototypes.
  • Construction and assembly of needed programming- and test-adapters and connectors.


  • Particular knowledge on PCB-design for HMI: 
  • Dome- and Short-Travel-Switch based tactile keyboards.
  • Capacitive sensor layouts on Microchip mTouch CVD with „Active Guard“ and „Metal-over-Cap“.
  • Layouts for Everswitch (©Baran Advanced Technology) Piezo- HMI.
  • Layouts for Aito© tactile Piezo- HMI.